Banish Lower back pain course – starts 11.1.21

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The new ‘Banish Back Pain – Live Happily Ever After’ Course starts on January the 11th,

So here is a little more info to whet your appetite so to speak.


Over 4 week and 4 modules 1 live class each week with a Q&A straight after, plus a short catch up mid week too with anything that crops up and a re-cap for those who need it.


In the beginning…. 

  • Where it all began and where you are now… And… where to you want to be…


  • Why Why why – why did you sign up, why now, Why do you finally want to be free from pain?
  • Measure up – here we measure your pain from every angle…
  • When did it start – delve into the origins and source of pain
  • How will you know – Very simply how will you know you have achieved what you want – we set goals baby!!
  • Friend or Foe – who is your support
  • Soothe your pain – a few ways to move and ease your pain as you work through the course


BONUS –  First 5 people to sign get a 1:1 session


The Deep Sleep 

  • Unleash the power of your subconscious mind on your body


  • Learn to tap – learn the basics or tuning in and discover a new pain relief
  • Body/mind connection – learn how and our whole self is connected in 
  • resist/resist – draw back the curtain on our resistance to healing and change
  • How/why we feel pain – some basics on why 
  • Inflammation to heal
  • True meaning to lower back pain – our body hold pain on certain places for certain reasons (metaphysics), so we look into why lower back
  • Borrow benefits – heal as a group
  • Believe it to see it – it all starts with your beliefs


BONUS –  My favourite book by Dr. Hamilton on mind/body healing offered to you


Going to the Ball 

  • Let’s Move!


  • How do you Move?- insight into your current habits, how when why you move
  • Breathe and Stretch – learn how to breath and stretch to benefit you in the best and quickest way
  • Ice for the win – learn how powerful Ice can be in healing
  • Importance of Everyday
  • Don’t force it – This all has to fit in with your if you’re going to win… 
  • Get planning – we create your own personal plan for success
  • Borrow benefit – another group session

BONUS –  Free ice pack delivered to you x your welcome

BONUS 2 –  Whim Hoff Ice Challenge


Happily Ever after

  • The yellow brick road to success


  • Accountability is key – get set up with an accountability partner
  • Re assess – finalise you personal plan
  • Intake – look at what you are taking in physically and psychologically
  • Scedule your time – work out your way


BONUS – Exclusive offer for access to 90 keep it group – make sure you don’t go off track

BONUS 2  – Membership to a weekly back pain class – first month free!!

BONUS 3  – Early sign up discount to weight loss body love course


So until Friday 11th you can get this course for £97!!!!!

With lifetime actress to course content and all the bonuses plus you can come back and take part in all subsequent courses


The next chance to buy will be after Christmas for £197


And I will re-run the couse later in the year for £247


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