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Happiness Hacking Membership

Providing you a safe space to exercise you mind body and soul 

10 a.m daily Pilates

Lucy is a mat 3 qualified Pilates instructor  specialising in lower back pain and nutritional health.  Lucy has a fun outlook and is super knowledgeable, making everyone feel welcome and makes it easy to go at your own pace.

I believe the that a strong moblie and flexible body . So I work on getting you feel strong and fit and in control of your body

Mondays  – 60 min pilates – all levels

Wednesdays – 40 min back health focus

Thursdays –  40 min arms abs and ass focus on the core strength of muscles

Fridays – 35 min Pilates Interval Training… 10 excercises timed and done over 2 rounds

Mondays 8:pm group Meditation

Here we meditate using various tequniques, we goal set, I teach you ways to tap into your happiness and how to live your first class life.

Wednesdays 10:50 Meditation

Offering weekly meditations either quick 5-10 mins for those who need it quck and effective

Happiness Hacking

Lucy is passionate about being happy and searching for it everywhere and want you to too… So throughout the week in the private group she will give tips and excercises to do to keep you hunting for the happiness treasures

Private FB group

A super space for you to connect with other memebrs and have a safe space to connect and chat and ask questions of fellow happiness hunters

Live and interactive or catch up

Well you even have options how to get all this content, live and interactive through fb and zoom or catch up here in the members zone or in the fb groub 

Lucy Brackenbury


Hi I am Lucy.

I am a qualified

pilates instrutor

eft and MR practiotner

NLP master

Reiki master

Nutrition and weight management advisor

I have 2 children Constance aged 8 and Max aged 4.

So not only am I am Mum but I coach people every day to get their happiness.

I take a whole body approach. you are connected with every bit of your mind bdy and soul and they all need nourishing.

I can’t wait to hear you experince and share in your journey.



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