Mum’s Overwhelm Solution

A definitive guide to help you navigate through your internal chatter and the external noise. A proven step by step course to empower you to Actually enjoy and take control of your life

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Learn to understand your internal chatter and navigate the external noise.

Chapter 1 Emotional First aid

This may sound odd… however when something effects you suddely out of nowhere you need some tools to quickly calm and chill in the moment. similarly if you fell off your bike, you would wrap up a cut leg before getting home and seeing if there was more to tend to. Here we get you out of overwhelm in the first instance.

Chapter 2 : Breathing

We Breathe to Live – how we breathe dictates how calmly we live,


learn some super quick and easy way to calm you thoughts with your breath

Chapter 3 : Tapping

Another super simple way to release our emotions

Chapter 4 :Meditations

Don’t be fooled by that word, I will guide you through some diffeent ways to meditate, and only about 10 minutes or even less, a great way to go to sleep or have some quiet time

Chapter 5 : Movement

with movement we release any stored emotions too, and it can give us a focus

Chapter 6 :Kindness

Learning ways in which kindenss and letting go can bring you happiness and inner peace

Lucy Brackenbury

Course Leader

Hi I am Lucy I have 2 children Constance aged 8 and Max aged 4.

So not only am I am Mum but I coach people every day to get their happiness through all the ways I shall show your children.


I am not early years trained, I just know awesome ways out of overwhelm and being a Mum I have been able to help navigate my children through tricky moments in their lives by using these very tools.


You might find them useful too.


I can’t wait to hear you experince and share in your journey.



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