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“Passionate about ispiring you to step out of pain and into happiness and fun and take the next step  to live the life you love”


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Here at Core Balance Coaching we work in holistic way meaning that we look at you as a whole.

Mind, body and soul are intrinsically linked so when one part us is not working as we would like a ‘whole of being’ approach is the only way to get to the root cause.

Happiness is so underrated and achieving it can seem like the holy grail, so if you seek happiness and freedom, We can Help.

Happiness is the journey, you can learn how to enjoy it 

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We now run courses throughout the year using mindset to change your world, get in touch to go on to the waiting list for


  • Banish lower back pain 4 week course
  • Think to Shrink – Weight Loss/Body Love 8 week course
  • Get happy and live a life of ease 12 week course

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“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit ” Joseph Pilates

Pilates is an incredible exercise format working  to strengthen your core, improving posture, reducing pain, gaining muscle tone and bone density.

Some of the effects of pilates:

Better sleep
Better mood
More flexibility in your spine and body
Less susceptible to stress
More efficient breathing
Be fitter and have more stamina
Increased flexibility and strength
All these lead to a body that works well and serves you how you want and need

We run a range of classes:

total body tone

specific back pain classes

PIT – Pilates Interval Training

20 min ‘mummy’ meditations

bite size 10 min blasts

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“The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power”  Joseph Pilates

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EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting

EFT and Matrix re-imprinting (often called Tapping) are incredible tools being widely used and coming under the energy psychology umbrella and seen as the 4th wave of psychology.

Using  acupressure points and focusing of the negative feeling or emotion we literally tap into the cause of the problem and eliminate the cause of the self limiting negative beliefs that are ruling our lives.

Due to the effectiveness and long lasting effects (as validated by numerous scientific studies) often only a couple of sessions are needed to see big changes.  And because it is simple and non-traumatic it can even be taught so you can use it on yourself.  This therapy can work for literally any problem and can often work where other therapies have failed.

For more info on how we work click here, explore the website, call Lucy 07903 704 588 or email

Lucy’s classes are great! She is very knowledgeable and is able to adapt to all levels and needs. I love that I can stay at a level that suits me and not feel pressured to over do it. I can definitely see the difference from when I started to now – some things are still hard but even with those I’m starting to see a difference!

Lucy is a fabulously fun teacher who has gone out of her way to keep us fit and motivated in these uncertain times. I highly recommend her!



Lucy provides a safe and fun environment for people of all abilities, 2 hours a week of enjoyable but intense exercise, in a friendly, non-competitive and incredibly supportive environment has not only improved my fitness, my elasticity, and my  flexibility, but also gives me some much needed “me-time” & a definite boost to my mental well-being.


Vic M